Direct Download Link Generator - Google Drive, Dropbox

When you create download links for your files, you can bypass the Google Drive page & let users download the file directly.

  1. Go to your Google Drive dashboard.
  2. Right click the file you want to create the download link for & click on 'Get Link'.get link of a google drive file
  3. Then, click on 'Copy Link'. You have to select "Anyone with the link" in the dropdown below the link to ensure anybody can download the file with the link. If it's restricted, only the people you have shared the file can use the link.sharing a google drive file with anyone with link
  4. Now, paste the link in the file link textbox above & press Enter or click Generate.
  5. Press Ctrl + C to copy the direct link to your clipboard.

You can generate download links for all kinds of Google drive files. (i.e) Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations. Documents will download in PDF format. To change the download format of the file, in the generated link, replace =pdf with =doc or =xlsx or =pptx.

When the file size is greater than 100MB, you will see a "too large for Google to scan for virus" alert. In that case, you will have to click on a button to download the file.

How to generate download links in bulk

You can use Drive Explorer, a Google add-on, to get download links of your Google Drive files in bulk. You can get the links on the browser or in a Google Sheet.

download links in bulk with drive explorer